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Domestic Fuse Board Installation

Domestic fuse boards or boxes are also known as consumer units are at the centre of your home’s safety. Modern domestic fuse boards have a number of improved safety features by comparison to the old style fuse boards. It is now a requirement that domestic fuse boards comply with current BS 7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, 3rd Amendment. (18th Edition is coming soon)

One of the main differences between older fuse boards and new compliant fuse boards is that new complaint fuse boards have RCD protection (Residual Current Device). RCD’s are designed to prevent the occupants from getting a fatal electric shock, something which older devices do not have. Also, modern compliant fuse boards are designed to offer much better fireproofing within the fuse board itself, meaning in the unlikely event that the fuse board itself caught fire the fire would be contained within the fuse board and not spread to the surrounding rooms or property.

To upgrade or install a new compliant domestic fuse board you will require the services of a qualified electrical contractor certified under Part P Building Regulations. Global Electricians can provide free no-obligation quotes for fuse box replacements by qualified electricians.

Whatever your distribution board requirements Global Electricians have the experience and expertise to help, we are always aware of site operational conditions and external influences which may affect your installation.

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