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Cable Splicing

Here at Global Electrical, we offer industrial Main Cable Spicing and connection services

Cable splicing is “the process of connecting two end terminals of cable conductors”. Splicing can be performed for joining the cable conductors. This process contains five consecutive steps. They are,

  1. Surface preparation
  2. Jointing or connecting the cable conductors
  3. Insulating the connected part
  4. Provide shielding to the connected part
  5. Provide jacketing to the connected part.

Surface preparation:

The proper arrangement is necessary to perform reliable cable splicing. The arrangements are,

  1. Choosing a skilled experience technician to perform cable splicing
  2. Arranging the adequate insulating, shielding, jacketing materials to complete the cable splicing efficiently.

If the improper material is used and an unskilled person is selected, it may lead to improper cable splicing.

Connecting cable conductors:

It plays a major role in the splicing. The end terminals of conductors should be twisted and connected in a proper manner. Otherwise, it leads to failure in the splicing.

Insulated the connected part:

The adequate insulating material is used to insulate the connected portion of the conductors. After insulation, it is required to shield the insulated part and then jacketing this part successively. Cable splicing is an optimal task to connect the damaged cables rather than installing new cables.